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I asked 5 boudoir clients of B Spivey Photography the most common questions that women have before booking a session for themselves. Read on to find out if you can relate.

What were you most scared of before coming to your session?

-How my body would look in the photos

-Not being able to pose correctly

-People making fun of me

-Being vulnerable enough to relax for the photos

-Finding my confidence

Describe your experience with B Spivey Photography.

-I had an amazing experience with Brook, and the other women at the studio! They made me feel so SEXY!

-Amazing and uplifting!

-OMG! Loved it!

-Brook is like hanging out with an old friend, her genuine passion for her work and her kindness makes working with her a breeze.

-It was so much fun and I was so comfortable. I felt like my most confident self.

How do you feel after your session, looking back on what you were feeling before?

-I shouldn't have been worried at all, I looked hot!


-Sexy as F*ck

-I was definitely more relaxed and confident in what I did. Made me excited to book another shoot.


What was your favorite part about the whole experience?

-Feeling bold in my skin and being surrounded with incredible people.

-How much fun we had!


-I felt welcomed the moment I stepped in and loved the encouragement that was given throughout the whole session.

-Getting hyped up from the girls!

Would you recommend a boudoir experience to someone else?



-Most Definitely!