What is Boudoir?

Boudoir is defining YOUR sense of sexiness and releasing your inhibitions. Boudoir should be fun, safe, empowering, and liberating. As women we have been blessed with beautiful, individual bodies; we should embrace and celebrate our natural beauty.

Why Should I Have a Boudoir Session?

First and foremost, a boudoir session should be done for you! These sessions are fun, powerful, and liberating! I want you to feel pampered and important. We then help you pick out the best outfits or lingerie for you, this way your photos turn out the way you envision them. Boudoir by B Spivey Photography helps with posing and making sure you feel comfortable throughout the entirety of your session.

Why Do Women Take Boudoir Photos?

Boudoir can be done for any number of reasons:


Many women schedule a session as a wedding gift for their future spouse. Another popular reason includes anniversary gifts and Valentine's Day presents. Imagine giving your lover a collection of beautiful, unique pictures for their eyes only!


Boudoir sessions aren't limited to gifts for that special someone in your life. Most importantly, boudoir sessions should be just for you! Many women book a session for themselves as a birthday present. Others have a session for body change reasons, like maternity photos or reaching your goal weight. There doesn't have to be a big milestone in your life to book a boudoir session. Just do one to celebrate YOUR sexy!

Be THAT Girl!

Take the chance and feel liberated by investing in a boudoir session. I LOVE the reactions when women see that they look like THAT GIRL in their photos. 

Be THAT girl. Get that same FEELING.